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Every student in Avoyelles needs 21st century skills for success in learning and in life, and among those skills is the ability to navigate through the 24/7 information flow that connects the global community. If we want students to thrive in a world enabled by information technology, we must give them the skills to make sense of and use the information that engulfs them.
As technology rapidly changes what we do and how we do it in this century, it is critical that the environment and tools in classrooms reflect the realities of life outside the school walls.  And there's more to educational technology than computers. Teachers and students need access to desktops, laptops and iPADS , digital cameras and microscopes, Web-based video equipment, and graphing calculators. Students need to know how to be responsible and savvy users and purveyors of information.  They need to know how to collaborate successfully across miles and cultures.  
Making the tools of technology available is important.   As a result, our district has invested in state-of-the-art technology labs and mobile labs in every school. Fully preparing and supporting educators in the instructional use of technology is critical for its productive and effective use. Teachers and school staff must know how to do more with technology than simply automate practices and processes. They need to learn to use technology to transform the nature of teaching and learning.
 We pursue the goal of making the technology environment of Avoyelles' public schools match the tools and approaches of the work and civic life that students will encounter after graduation. This will ensure that our schools stay relevant to today's students, as well as equip them for success in life after school.

Becky Spencer, Supervisor of Technolgy

Cybersecurity/Internet Safety

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