Child Welfare & Attendance

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Child Welfare and Attendance is a student and family support service. We are here to assist families with understanding compulsory education laws, student admission and enrollment procedures, student discipline procedures, transfers to alternative programs, and school climate and safety. We are committed to:

  • Being advocates for students and families.

  • Addressing the psychosocial needs of students and families and barriers that adversely affect their attendance in school and offering support.

  • Partnering with schools and community agencies to support students and families to maximize student success.

  • Promoting good school attendance practices for PK-12 students, families and schools.


Jennifer Dismer

Child Welfare & Attendance Supervisor

Child Welfare & Attendance Responsibilities


SAMHSA's National Helpline
provides 24-hour, free and confidential information about mental and/or substance use disorders and prevention, treatment and recovery referrals in English or Spanish. 

988 Hotline

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline 

Dial or Text 988

Department of CFS

To report Child Abuse or Neglect:
Call:  1-855-4LA-KIDS  (1-855-452-5437

Toll Free 24 Hours a day - 365 days a year

Bullying- Stop the Cycle

Stop Bullying

Depression Hotline

If you want to talk, getting help for depression is only a phone call away. The free depression hotline is available 24/7.

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