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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Department : Avoyelles Parish School System

The Avoyelles Parish School Systems’ Pre-Kindergarten Program provides high-quality, developmentally-appropriate pre-kindergarten classes (based on funding & interest for pre-k 4 only) to four-year old children who are eligible to enter public school the following year.  The Avoyelles Parish School System's Early Childhood Programs provide students with academic, cultural and artistic experiences that prepare them for the learning environment in and beyond.

The APSB Pre-Kindergarten Program is offered to a limited number of children in Avoyelles Parish.  Funding is provided through the LA4 grant, 8(g) grant, Title I, General Funds, and Tuition. The purpose of the grant funds is to provide educational experiences to at-risk four year olds.  Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch have priority based on grant guidelines. 

Local pre-k programs adhere to the developmental philosophy as outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Developmentally-appropriate practices have proven to be effective in early childhood education.  Inherent in this philosophy is the provision of a child-centered program directed toward the development of cognitive, social, emotional, language and literacy, and motor skills in a manner and at a pace consistent with the needs and capabilities of the individual child.

The years between 3 and 6 are not only the prime time for laying an academic foundation, and help a child in preparing to take his/her place in society through the acquisition of good habits and manners


Every pre-kindergarten school site has an Early Childhood Resource Coordinator assigned to them to support the program and ensure that all grant requirements are fulfilled. 

Resource Coordinators ensure that preschool students, their parents, and teachers have access to all resources necessary for preparation:

•    Regular school attendance (phone and home visit contacts)
•    Health screenings
•    Family education and other resource referrals: substance & domestic abuse,
     mental health support, uniform assistance, homelessness, etc.
•    Classroom visits
•    Professional Development