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Special Education

The Avoyelles Parish School District (APSD) provides a continuum of supports and services for students with disabilities to help them access their education. Special education services are available to students with disabilities who qualify for an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Each student’s program is individually determined to meet their unique needs in the least restrictive environment. Our educators are passionate about supporting students, which is translated into very rich learning environments.  Our District is committed to supporting the needs of the students and families that make up our school district. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our department.


Dawn Pitre
Supervisor, Special Education

              Order to submit IEPs to the Central Office:

             1. Student Profile Sheet

             2. Due Process Checklist

             3. Prior Notice Letter/s

             4. Copy of all IEP pages with signatures

             5. ESY Factsheet

             6. All documents checked on the Placement/LRE Page

             7. Documentation of Collaboration with regular education teacher/s

             8. If the student is 15 years old or older, include agency invitation

                 letter and parent agreement for agency invitation form

             9.  If the parent did not attend the IEP, include the absent parent letter

           10.  All IEPs must have the assistive technology consideration

                  checklist and parental consent for Medicaid attached