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Title X - Homeless

APSB Homeless Program


The Avoyelles Parish Homeless Children/Youth Education Program is based on the philosophy that education is the key to overcome and prevent the cycle of homelessness in families. Program activities are based on educational principles and have the common purpose of contributing to the positive physical, emotional, social, and academic growth of each child whose life we touch.

The main components of our project are awareness, enrollment assistance, provision of educational materials, coordination of school and community services and resources. Our program is funded through the Stewart B. McKinney Assistance Grant and Title I. 


Based on the definition of homelessness developed under the Stewart B. McKinney Homless Assistance Act:
A homeless individual is one who:
1.  does not have a fixed, regular, and adequate residence
2.  has a primary night-time residence in a supervised public or privately owned shelter
3.  is temporarily staying with relatives of friends because of loss of job, other income loss, house loss
4.  is staying in a motel, hotel, campground or similar setting due to lack of alternative adequate accommodations
It is the desire of the district to ensure that homeless children have access to a free and appropriate education comparable to the education of children who are non-homeless. 
To complete a student residency questionnaire or to obtain more information, please contact a counselor at any school or Rebecca Spencer, Homeless Liaison, at 318-240-0234.
Avoyelles Parish School Board

Homeless Education Services

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(318) 240-0231 or (318) 240-0234