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School Board Members:

Chris Lacour - District 3 
Darrell Wiley - District 2 
Jeralyn Young - District 1
James Gauthier - District 4
John Gagnard - District 9 - President
Lizzie Ned - District 6  
Michael Lacombe - District 7-  Vice President 
Sheila Blackman-Dupas - District 5
Van Kojis - District 8

Goals of the Avoyelles Parish School System:

I. Academic Achievement Goals

1) Students will be Literate by Third Grade.

Measure: Percentage of third graders earning proficient (basic and above) on ILEAP ELA Assessment.

Benchmark: 70% of all third graders will earn basic and above on the iLEAP.

2010 State Average: 67%

2010 District Average: 61%

2012 Goal: 70%

2) Students will enter Fourth Grade on time.

Measure: Percentage of students earning consecutive promotion from Kindergarten to fourth grade.

Benchmark: 70% of all students will arrive in fourth grade on time.

2010 State Average: 67.3%

2010 District Average: 62.3%

2012 Goal: 70%

3) Students will be proficient in math and ELA in the fourth grade.

Measure: Percentage of students scoring proficient on the math and ELA LEAP exam in fourth grade.

Benchmark: 70% of all fourth grade students will score proficient in math and ELA on the LEAP exam.

2010 State Average: ELA 60.8%, Math 58.10%

2010 District Average: ELA 40.6%, Math 38.7%

2012 Goal: ELA 70%, Math 70%

4) Students will be proficient in math and ELA in the eighth grade.

Measure: Percentage of eighth grade students scoring proficient in math and ELA on the LEAP exam.

Benchmark: 70% of all eighth grade students will score proficient in math and ELA on the LEAP exam.

2010 State Average: ELA 61%, Math 59%

2010 District Average: ELA 40%, Math 39%

2012 Goal: ELA 70%, Math 70%

6) Students will graduate on time.

Measure: Cohort graduation rate (percentage of students graduating in four years).

Benchmark: 70% of all students will graduate in four years.

2010 State Average: 67.4%

2010 District Average: 52.6%

2012 Goal: 70% of students will graduate in four years

7) Students will enroll in post-secondary education or graduate workforce-ready.

Measure: Percentage of first-time freshmen in post-secondary educational institutions.

Benchmark: 50% of high school graduates will enroll on post-secondary education.

2010 State Average: 46.7%

2010 District Average: 46.5%

2012 Goal: 50% of graduates will attend post-secondary schools.

8) All schools will meet the state Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) standards.

Measure: Number of schools on the state's "Academic Watch List" and/or not meeting AYP for all subgroups.

Benchmark: No schools will be on the state's Academic Watch List and all schools will meet AYP standards.

                                2010 District Number: 4 schools on "Academic Watch"/not making AYP.

                                2012 Goal: 0 Schools on the "Academic Watch"/not making AYP.

II. Board Accountability Goals

9) The Board will increase revenues in support of schools.

                                Measure: Total revenues raised by the district locally.

                                Benchmark: 10% increase in local revenues will be obtained.

                                2010 District Revenues: $7,695,981

                                2012 Goal: $8,465,579 in local revenues

10) The Board will achieve unitary status.

                Measure: Number of "Green Factors" presented and approved by Federal Court.

Benchmark: Three "Green Factors" (Transportation, Facilities, and Student Activities) will be approved by Federal Court.

2012 Goal: Federal Court Approval of Transportation, Facilities, and Administration.

11) The Board will be highly trained and knowledgeable.

Measure: The Board will achieve a "Highly Distinguished" classification awarded by the LSBA.

Benchmark: 100% of the board will achieve this distinction.

2012 Goal: All board members earning the "Distinguished Board Member" distinction.


III. Safe and Nurturing Goals

12) The school plant is a safe and secure environment.

                                Measure: The placement of School Resource Officers in all high schools.

Benchmark: The board will employ three trained School Resource Officers to be placed in our high schools.

2010 SROs: 0

2012 Goal: SRO's employed at AHS, BHS, and MHS.


13) Student behavior provides an environment conducive to teaching and learning.

Measure: Percentage of students that is suspended and/or expelled out of school.

Benchmark:  10% reduction in the percentage of students suspended or expelled out of school.

2010 State Average: Suspensions 12.3%, Expulsions 0.2%

2010 District Average: Suspensions 23.5%, Expulsions 0.2%

2012 Goal: Suspensions 13.5%, Expulsions 0.1%


14) A certified and highly qualified teacher will be in every classroom.

                                Measure: Percentage of certified and highly qualified teachers in the district.

                                Benchmark: 80% of our teachers will be certified and highly qualified.

2010 State Average: 86.4%

2010 District Average: 73.2%

2012 Goal: 80% of teachers will be certified and highly qualified