School Board Members:

Latisha S. Small, District 1
Lynn Deloach, District 2 
Keith Lacombe, District 3
Robin Moreau, District 4 -President
Jay Callegeri, District 5 
Christopher Robinson, District 6 
Rickey Adams, District 7 Vice President
Jill Guidry, District 8 - 
Aimee B. Dupuy, District 9 

Goals of the Avoyelles Parish School System:

I. Academic Achievement Goals

1) increase the District Performance score by 2.5 points

2) score 95% proficiency in ELA, 90% in math in Pre-K on Teaching Strategies Gold

3) increase the DIBELS Proficiency rate in grades K-2 by 2 points

4) increase in grades 3-8 the Assessment Index by 3.5 points

5) increase the EOC Index by 3.5 points

6) increase the ACT Index by 2.5 points