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APSB Opening of School Survey

he Avoyelles Parish School Board plans to reopen school with safety precautions in place in August. We also plan to offer a virtual option for those of you who do not feel comfortable sending your child to school. We are asking parents to complete this survey so that we will have an idea of the number of students who plan to choose the virtual option.


Food Box pick up for next week

Food boxes will be distributed on June 23. Starting June 23 rd your child will need to be present in the car in order to receive your food box
You will need to complete the bottom section of this
form and turn it in at your pick up site

*Please bring this form back with you in order to keep
the car line moving smoothly*

M-toM Applications for the 2020-2021 school year

Avoyelles Parish School District is accepting M-toM applications for the 2020-2021 school year. The application is attached and can be submitted via email, mail, or dropped off to the school once we reopen.
• To qualify, the student’s race must be in the majority at the home zoned school and in the minority at the requested school.
• An African American student zoned to a predominantly African American school can be granted a transfer TO a predominately WHITE school only.
• A White student zoned to a predominantly white school can be granted a transfer TO a predominantly African American school only.
• If a child’s race is already in the minority at a school, an M-to-M Transfer cannot be granted to any school.
• M to M transfer eligibility is determined by the ethnic ratios at schools as of May 20, 2020 for the 2020-21 school year.
• Once a student is approved, they remain eligible for the entire time they are in that school. They do not need to apply annually. However, when they move onto the feeder school, they must reapply.
APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED BETWEEN: April 1, 2020 – June 2, 2020
Submit applications to your child’s principal or to Mrs. Jennifer Dismer at the Avoyelles Parish School Board

Graduation and Promotion Guidance

We've been getting MANY questions concerning promotion and graduation of our students. The La Dept of Ed put out some guidance yesterday- it's about 6 pages long so we will try to sum it up here. (You can go to the state department's webpage, if you want to see the whole document.) For the most part, whether or not a student is promoted and whether or not a student graduates is up to each local school district. We received a whole bunch of waivers for this year. Here's what we basically have as of now:

A- We have the option of taking the students' grades as of the last day we had school (March 13). If a student was failing, they will have the opportunity to bring their grade up through packets or virtual work. So, packets or virtual work could IMPROVE their grade but it could not make their grade any worse. We can also decide that the student was "close enough" and has not had the opportunity to bring their grade up due to the closing and allow them to graduate.
B- All standardized test requirements are waived. So, if they haven't passed an EOC but they've got the credits they need, they graduate.
C- The FAFSA requirement is waived (But still highly recommended)
D- IBC requirements are waived
E- We also can convert grades to Pass/Fail (but we really don't want to because this will create some issues with ranking and GPA so we probably won't).

(The ACT requirement for graduating juniors has also been waived, but we STRONGLY recommend taking it this summer.)

If we return on May 1, which is scheduled as of now, we will basically have 3 weeks to work on our non graduates' grades and make promotional decisions. If we don't return at all, these are a few guidelines we will use:

Promotion for all other students:
A- Again, these decisions will all be made at the school level
B- Same option with grades as our graduates- either give them what they had when we last met or give them the opportunity to bring the grades up through the packets or virtual work.
C- Each school will be putting out some things concerning these issues on their individual schools' facebook pages.

If you have questions, leave them here and we will try to answer them. Please keep questions on this post to only those involving promotion or graduation. It may be even better to call your child's school on Tuesday from 8:00-1:00 when someone is there to answer. You can also always email your child's school with any questions also.

Please be patient, I know you all want answers, but new situations are arising every day.

APSB suspends Food Services until further notice

A conference call was held last night with representatives from
the Governor's Office, the Louisiana
Department of Education and state superintendents. All facets of the school food service program were
discussed. The issue is not whether feeding students is important. We all agree that it is. At the same
time, staff and employee safety must also be considered.

In one week alone, through the efforts of our dedicated employees and volunteers, we have fed more
students than we do in the entire summer. While this program is important, we must consider the safety and well-being of our employees. Not only is there a shortage of adequate protective gear such as gloves, face masks and thermometers, but we have no idea who may or may not have been exposed to the COVID-19 at this time.

Accordingly, given the shortage of these supplies and to protect both our employees and those who are consuming the provided meals, our school system is suspending these services until further notice.

The state did inform us that they are working with the National Guard and other entities to possibly have their own feeding program up an running by next week.

CoVID-19 Instructional Resources and Guidance

In lieu of a distance education program, the district is providing optional enrichment instructional resources that can be utilized to support student learning at home. These resources are available for students in grades Pre-K through 12. The resources span core content areas – ELA, math, science and social studies.

Student Enrichment Instructional Resources:

APSB Website – APSB has created a one-stop shop for students, parents, and educators to locate quality resources to continue learning enrichment at home.
Louisiana Department of Education – The Avoyelles Parish School System will provide updates on resources released by the Louisiana Department of Education. These resources will be developed by the department in partnership with Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB). The online hub is set to launch on March 18th and will consist of links to High-Quality Curriculum Resources.
Dual Enrollment Courses: Individual schools will be working with their teams to address options for Dual Enrollment courses based on guidance received from our local colleges and universities.

Meningococcal vaccine now required

The La. State Dept. of Health and Hospitals requires a meningococcal vaccine booster due at age 16, effective July 1, 2019. If your child is presently 16 years or older, he/she needs this vaccination. Please schedule an appointment with your physician or the health unit. Once your child has received the required vaccination, please bring the Universal Certificate of Immunization to the school nurse.

Internet Safety Flyer

Louisiana has enacted strong laws to address bullying and cyberbullying by public school students (R.S. 17:416.13, Act 369 of the 2018 Regular Session, R.S. 17:100.7
Your student will receive a copy of this flyer at school.

Flu Facts and the Dangers of HPV

On behalf of the Louisiana Office of Public Health Immunization program, the Department of Education requested that schools share the Flu Facts and HPV Fact Sheet with parents. Both documents contain information regarding the dangers of the flu and HPV, how students, parents, and school staff can practice prevention, and the importance of vaccination.

APSB Parent Back to School Guide

A new school year means a new grade level, new teachers, and new learning goals for your child. This guide provides you with a
quick overview of what you can expect to see in your child’s classroom this year, how you can engage with his or her teacher(s) to
ensure your child is on track throughout the school year, and what resources are available to support learning at home.

M-toM Transfers

The Avoyelles Parish School Board will begin accepting applications for Majority to Minority transfers beginning April 2, 2018. The deadline for submitting your child’s application will be June 1, 2018. Applications may be obtained from any elementary or high school in the parish, the APSB Central Office or downloaded from the APSB website ( beginning April 2, 2018. No applications will be accepted after the deadline of 3:00 pm on June 1, 2018. To qualify, the student’s race must be in the majority at the home zoned school and in the minority at requested school.

For more information, you may contact the Avoyelles Parish School Board Central Office at 253-5982.

Child Abuse Reporting

In some States, police departments may also receive reports of child abuse or neglect. For more information or assistance with reporting, please call Childhelp USA ®, 800-4-A-CHILD (800-422-4453), or your local CPS agency.
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