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Louisiana State Dept. Of Education
Home Page of La. Dept of Education

Teacher Support Toolbox

The LDOE has compiled teacher resources into one place.  Resources available include: standards, end of the year assessments, sample student learning targets,k scope and sequence resources, unit and lesson assessments and resources, etc.

Student Learning Targets

After developing a clear understanding of what students will be expected to do at the end of the school year, teachers tailor student learning targets to their appropriate grade level, content area, and student academic starting points.

End of the Year Assessments

Once a teacher understands the standards, the next step is to use assessments to understand what it will look like when students master those standards.


Unit Assessments

After establishing a year-long scope and sequence, a teacher plans to assess and teach at the unit level. While the department will be providing some sample unit assessment and tools, teachers will regularly create math and ELA unit plans to meet the needs of their students

Year-Long Scope and Sequence Resources

This link contains year-long scope and sequence for K-12 in ELA and Mathematics.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Curriculum and Standards

Louisiana Common Core State Standards


Louisiana State Coursewhere

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Resources

Math Resources for CCSS and Assessment
Math Resources for CCSS and Assessment

Many state, organizations, and individuals have developed a variety of resources to assist teachers with implementation of the CCSSM. Below is a selected list of these resources that will be helpful to the planning process. To avoid fragmentation, this resource listing is provided in the Toolbox in all stages of planning: year-long, unit, and lesson. Types of documents are indicated using bold font in the descriptions provided. Resources provided by states are listed first with those generated by organizations and individuals following.


New York State Department of Education

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has engaged teachers, administrators, and education experts across New York and the nation in the creation of curriculum maps (scope and sequences), modules (units), and lessons with at least one module completed and posted for each grade/course at http://www.engageny.org/mathematics. Instructional videos showing some lessons are posted at http://engageny.org/video-library?keyword=&page=0%2C0 (filter by Network Teams and Math).


New York City

NYC educators and national experts are developing Common Core-aligned tasks for grades PreK-12. The components of the Common Core-aligned tasks with instructional supports include

• Unit overview and task description

• Teacher-annotated student work representing a range of performance levels

• Rubrics used to assess student work

Other instructional support materials





The Maryland Curriculum Framework documents organize the CCSS for each grade K-8 into domains of study and for high school courses into units of study. The Essential Skills and Knowledge, statements that provide language to develop common understandings and valuable insights into what a student must know and be able to do to demonstrate proficiency with each CCSS, are identified. Maryland mathematics educators thoroughly reviewed the standards and, as needed, provided statements to help teachers comprehend the full intent of each standard. The frameworks are posted at http://mdk12.org/instruction/curriculum/mathematics/index.html.


Florida Department of Education

CPALMS provides educational resources that are reviewed by peer educators and subject area experts and are sorted into three types: Curriculum, Activity, or General. Units/Lesson Sequence, Lesson Plans, and Teaching Ideas are available in the Curriculum Resource section at http://www.cpalms.org/resources/ResourceSearch.aspx. Use drop down menus to select 1) Content Area, 2) Grade, 3) Instructional Type, and 4) Instructional Component Type. Note that the CPALMS system prompts visitors to create an account; however, materials may be accessed by anyone. 


Georgia Department of Education

Georgia refers to the CCSS as the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards Mathematics (CCGPS) and has created year-long curriculum maps and unit frameworks* for each grade or course from kindergarten through high school. Teaching guides are available for some courses. There is also a compacted pathway for teaching the CCSS in middle school allowing eighth graders to take Algebra I. To access these documents,

Go to https://www.georgiastandards.org/COMMON-CORE/PAGES/MATH-K-5.ASPX.

Click the cluster link in the orange box under Mathematics on the left side of the page.

Expand the link beside the grade levels that appear in the blue section on the right side of the page.


*The CCGPS Mathematics framework units were developed under a grant from the U. S. Department of Education. This does not mean that these materials are endorsed by the federal government.


Hawaii Department of Education

A team of Hawaii teachers created over 200 classroom assessments for use in grades K-2. There are a variety of assessment types (interview, small group, whole class, individual tasks, games/activities) which include instructions and a rubric for teacher use. Several of the tasks address multiple/related standards. Tasks are located at http://standardstoolkit.k12.hi.us/common-core/mathematics/mathematics-assessments/.


K-5 Math Teaching Resources

This site, http://www.k-5mathteachingresources.com, provides an extensive collection of free resources, math games, and hands-on math activities aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.


Balanced Assessment Project

From 1993 to 2003, the Balanced Assessment in Mathematics Program existed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The project group developed over 300 innovative mathematics assessment tasks for grades K to 12 which may be used by teachers in their own classrooms at no cost. Go to http://balancedassessments.concord.org/. To see all tasks, click on either Task by Letter or Task by Number from the option bar at the top of the home page. Links to favorite tasks are provided under Our Library of Assessment Tasks on the home page.


CCSS-CTE Engaging Tasks

Posted at http://www.achieve.org/ccss-cte-classroom-tasks, these tasks were developed by high school and postsecondary mathematics and CTE educators. Tasks demonstrate how the Common Core and CTE Knowledge & Skills Statements can be integrated into classroom learning and provide classroom teachers with authentic tasks for either mathematics or CTE courses.


Dan Meyer’s Three Act Math Tasks

Dan Meyer’s three-act math problems help answer the question, “How do we turn the world outside the math classroom into a math problem that's both fun and challenging, not boring and easy?” A spreadsheet posted at http://tinyurl.com/kr6gzcd contains links to the tasks and provides grade levels and CCSS alignments.


Dana Center – The Mathematics Toolkit and PARCC Prototypes

The Dana Center provides three types of curriculum framework documents:

• Year-at-a-Glance documents – a one page overview of the math through a year of instruction

• Sequenced Units - show the standards clustered into units and suggest a sequence to the units

• Elaborated Scope and Sequences for Algebra I and Geometry - break down topics or lessons which address smaller chunks of material


The Dana Center also developed and houses PARCC’s Prototyping Project which provides examples of innovative assessment tasks. Go to http://www.ccsstoolbox.com/. Click on Resources for Implementation and then on Sample Curriculum framework documents. Click on PARCC Prototyping Project in the left side bar to access the examples of the prototyped assessment tasks.


Illustrative Mathematics Project

This site provides tasks aligned to Math Practices and content standards which are designed to illustrate these standards. Instructional videos aligned to the Math Practices are also available. Go to http://www.illustrativemathematics.org/. In the left side bar, click on Illustrations to see a complete listing of content standards for which tasks are available. Click on Practice Standards to find videos to illustrate the practices. A video of the fractions progression can be accessed from the side bar as well.


Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics

Flipbooks were developed by the Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics (KATM) and make links between the mathematical practices and the content standards. Go to http://www.ksde.org/Default.aspx?tabid=5646.



Learn Zillion provides lessons based on standards. While the lessons may be used for classroom instruction, they are particularly useful in helping teachers to understand the intent of a standard and to visualize strategies for teaching the content based on information found in the Math Progression documents. Go to http://learnzillion.com/lessons.


Mathematics Assessment Project

The Mathematics Assessment Project, http://map.mathshell.org/materials/index.php, is the current major project of the Shell Centre for Mathematical Education. While the focus is on developing formative assessment lessons and rich summative performance tasks, the site includes the following:

Classroom Challenges: lessons for formative assessment with some focused on developing math concepts, others on non-routine problem solving.

• Professional Development Modules: to help teachers with the new pedagogical challenges that formative assessment presents.

• Summative Assessment Task Collection: to illustrate the range of performance goals required by CCSSM.

• Prototype Summative Tests: designed to help teachers and students monitor their progress, these tests provide a model for examinations that may replace or complement current US tests.


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

The NCTM Reasoning and Sense Making Task Library provides high school tasks linked to NCTM’s Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making, NCTM’s Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, and the CCSSM. Go to http://www.nctm.org/rsmtasks/.

NCTM’s Core Math Tools is a free, downloadable suite of interactive software tools for algebra and functions, geometry and trigonometry, and statistics and probability. Core Math Tools can be saved on a computer or USB drive, making it possible to use without Internet access. Files can be saved and reloaded by students and teachers. The tools’ portability allows easy access for students, teachers and parents outside the classroom. The site also provides lessons and data sets as well as instructions on how to use the software. Go to http://www.nctm.org/resources/content.aspx?id=32702.


Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium Sample Items and Performance Tasks

While Louisiana is a member of the PARCC consortium, educators can use these sample items and performance tasks to begin planning the shifts in instruction that will be required to help students meet the demands of the new assessments. For further information, go to


LEAP/iLEAP Test Prep
Charlie French Test Prep
This LEAP Test prep website focuses on grades 4 and 8.  It also has test-taking strategies.

The EAGLE (Enhanced Assessment of Grade-Level Expectations) is an online classroom tool that is available to students, teachers, and administrators.  Teachers can use pre-made tests or create their own tests using content that has been written specifically to the Louisiana Grade-Level Expectations (GLEs).  EAGLE is designed to help teachers identify student strengths and weaknesses, access targeted classroom resources, and refine instructional strategies based on student assessment and performance.

Interactive LEAP gameboard at Leap4Fun


Louisiana test resources are presented here in an interactive game format, covering grade four skills in all tested subjects.

Louisiana PASS
Louisiana PASS has web-based programs that Louisiana students can use independently to learn new skills and take practice tests.
PASS on Paper

Interactive TEA Tests

The Texas Education Agency has released these interactive, online versions of their TAKS exams from 2009, covering all grade levels and subjects involved in their standardized testing -- great practice for your students.

Taking the Stress out of Test Prep


No matter how much you prepare, some students (and some teachers) are bound to be stressed during testing week. Find some tips here for de-pressurizing the testing environment.

TAKS Fourth Grade Writing Tests

Are you confident in your students' writing abilities as they approach their standardized tests? You can get in a bit of extra practice with these sample writing exams from TAKS, for grades 4 and 7.

Released California Test Items


For grades two through eleven, find former standardized tests for both language arts and math, with history in grades 6-8 and 11, and science tests for grades 5, 8, and 10, along with high school biology tests.

Florida Dept of Ed Released Test Items

Florida has released tests and answers for their standardized tests (FCAT) for 2005 through 2007, covering grades three through ten in reading and math, and grade five science.

Third Grade Reading Test Prep

The Texas Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (TAKS) offers last year's tests for practice material for your 3rd grade students, before this year's testing begins.

Online Practice Reading Tests

Find sample tests for reading for grades one through eight, with tips for testing included as well. Reading test answer sections are attached; from Pearson

Grades 4 - 6 Reading Tests

Do your upper elementary classes need a bit of extra practice before taking their standardized tests this spring? Try these Texas skills sample tests for a bit of preparation.

Sample Social Studies Tests

Grades eight, ten, and eleven social sciences topics are included in these printables sets of exams, prepared and released by the Texas Assessment of Skills and Knowledge.

Second Grade test Prep


2nd grade skills quizzes here include time and calendar concepts, weight, capacity, graphing, probability, two-digit subtraction, regrouping with subtraction, and more for standardized test prep.

Sample Science Tests

Sample TAKS science tests are included here for grades five, eight, ten, and eleven. They can help prep your students for content and style for upcoming standardized tests.

Sample STAR Testing


California Standardized test questions are available at this resource; simply select your grade level, subject, and performance level to download sample questions.

Third Grade Test Prep


You'll find sample, interactive test questions on metric measurement, symmetry, perimeter, area, volume, fraction concepts, and decimals on these test prep resources for third grade.

First Grade Test Prep


From number concepts to measurement, addition and subtraction facts, time and money, place value, and patterns, find appropriate grade one math skills for test preparation in these online quizzes

TCAP Achievement Test and Guide

We're sampling tests from around the country today to give you some prep exams for your students. These ones are from the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP), and cover grades 3-8, with a study guide at the 2nd link above.

No Pain, No Gain


Scholastic has some worthwhile tips for teachers and students, approaching standardized tests. "Surefire" strategies are included for both math and reading comprehension

Louisiana Common Core State Standards
Assessment Implementation Timeline

CCSS Transitional Assessments

Common Core Resources

Common Core State Standards Assessments

Louisiana is one of 24 states participating in the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC.  PARCC, which was awarded a $186 million Race to the Top Assessment grant in September 2010, is developing a common set of K-12 assessments in English Language Arts and mathematics that are centered on measuring student progress based on the knowledge and skills necessary for high school graduates to be prepared for college and careers.  The assessments, set to be ready in time for the 2014-2015 school year, will mark student progress from 3rd to 12th grade. 

Louisiana Common Core Sample Test Items

Louisiana Common Core State Standards

Webinar for CCSS General Awareness

Region VI TLTC STEM Portaportal


Enchanted Learning
K-3  interactive games and quizzes
K-8    interactive games and quizzes
Louisiana PASS


Region VI TLTC

k-5   great website that added SMARTBoard activities
Vickie Blackwell

PreK Brigance Early Childhood Screens

Video Conferencing
Videoconferencing in Education

This section provides the background to build understanding of the place videoconferencing holds in an educational plan

  • What is videoconferencing?

  • What are the foundations of videoconferencing?

  • Why Videoconferencing?

  • How Does Videoconferencing Impact student learning?

Louisiana Resources for Educators

Great Resources for all your Video Conferencing needs:

Lists of Content Providers
Content Provider Web Sites
Distance Learning Links


United Streaming