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BEEP and the Big Wide World
The animated series PEEP and the Big Wide World gives wings to the innovative idea of teaching science to preschoolers. Wry and distinctive visual humor, charming plotlines, and lovable characters combine with a comprehensive science program to attract and engage kids three to five years old. 

For my U.S. readers, the activities are organized into three age groups: The Early  Years (age 4 to 5), Key Stage 1 (age 6 to 7), and Key Stage 2 (age 8 to 11). Within  each age group the activities are organized by subject area.

The basic subject areas include Math, Science, History, and Literacy. However, there are also activites for Geography, Religion Education, French, Spanish, and even Design & Technology. (Please note that since this site is from the UK, the money activities use British Currency. However, teachers from other areas should still explore these activities.) 

The resources contained on this site are all interactive and very few of them require keyboard input. Best of all, all of the activities work great on the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard since most of the activities only  require students to touch or drag objects.

Here is a great site called Edheads that provides various interactive activities for your SMARTBoard interactive whiteboard.

"Edheads brings you high quality, free educational activities for your classroom. Edheads helps students learn through educational games and activities designed to meet state and national standards. We partner with various school systems in the United States, which help us research, design and test our activities every step of the way!"

I really like the Odd Machine activitiy as well as the Weather activity although your Middle School students will probably be drawn to the actual photos contained in the virtual surgery activities.

Be careful of all the ads that surround the activities.

These are flash-based resources that are a lot of fun to use on your SMART Board.  When using flash-based resources, I highly recommend that you use the Firefox Internet Browser and download the Flash Game Maximizer Add-On. This handy little add-on allows you to run flash activities in full screen on your computer. This is extremely helpful when viewing the activities on an interactive whiteboard. It may not work for all flash activities but it works for the majority of them.

Engineering Interact
Engineering Interact is a new and exciting free educational resource for primary school children aged 9 to 11. The resource provides fully interactive, engaging game environments and high-quality learning material tailored to the National Curriculum. Information about real world applications and cutting edge research motivates children and introduces them to the exciting subject of engineering.
Fantastic Contraption
Here's an amazing educational game called the The Fantastic Contraption.

It promotes itself as a "fun online Physics puzzle game" which it most certainly is; however, you don't need to teach science to enjoy it. Students (and teachers) will get hooked very quickly trying to go through the levels.

The objective is to use wheels and rods to create a contraption that will move an object to a target area. You can also take a look at other people's contraptions to see how they succeeded. This application works great on the SMARTBoard and will keep your students (or you) occupied for a very long time

Freeze Ray

Freezeray is a one of those few places where teachers can find and download interactive resources for Science investigations. In fact, these resources were developed specifically for Interactive Whiteboards.

The site organizes the resources into various categories including Physics, Biology, Technology, and Chemistry. They even have a fun place to practice  Science-related literacy. The resources here include a hangman type game and various key-idea interactive resources.

Harcourt's Science Up Close
Science teachers will love the interactive Science lessons found on Harcourt's Science Up Close site. The site has interactive explanations and demonstrations covering a variety of topics in Science for grades 1 through 6. The graphics are amazing and the explanations are very clear and easy to follow.

The site is organized by grade level and contains multiple topics for each grade. For example, Grade 3 contains 16 interactive resources covering a wide-variety of topics including photosynthesis, fossils, water cycle, lunar eclipse and even how a door knob works.

Teachers and students can easily control all aspects of the demonstrations including turning on and off audio explanations and starting and stopping videos. Another great thing about the these activities is that you can zoom them to fit your entire screen which is extremely useful for using them with your SMART Board.

Harvard Life Science Outreach Program
If you're a High School Science teacher, you'll want to review the amazing resources found on Harvard University's Life Science Outreach Program website. The site contains actual teacher-created resources covering Physiology, Microbiology, Regenerative Biology, Evolution, Neurobiology, Immunology, and the Biology of Cancer.

For each area of study, teachers created Lesson Plans covering a variety of topic areas. Many of these lessons include supporting PowerPoints, Lecture Videos and Scientific Animations.

This is a great site to see what other teachers are creating for their classrooms and to build upon what they've already created. Some of the Scientific Animations are outstanding and include interactive activities that work great on the SMART Board. I also like that a lot of the teacher-created activities were developed as WebQuests. If you've never seen the structure of a WebQuest, this is a great opportunity to experience how a WebQuest can increase engagement and motivation in the classroom.

Invention At Play
Looking for something fun AND educational for your SMARTBoard? Okay, that's a retorical question but it really sums up the Invention at Play site on the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation (maybe the can "invent" a shorter name).  

The Invention Playhouse has four flash-based interactive activities for  your students to use at the SMART Board. The Cloud Dreamer activity lets students create their own cloud image and then see it float across 
the sky. The Puzzle Blocks is a fun activity for manipulating shapes to create an image; Word Play lets students create and change unique stories in a fun and collaborative manner; and the Tinker Ball activity lets students move and manipulate tools to solve a simple gravity problem.

All the activities work great on the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard. If you're using Internet Explorer, I would recommend "zooming" in on the activity to make it fill the screen. If you're using Firefox browser, you'll want to use the Flash Game Maximizer Add On to have the activities fill the screen.

John Giannini's collection of Biology movies and animations.
High School Biology animations, movies, and links.
National Geographic's Creature Feature

Periodic Table Videos

I found a fabulous interactive website that lets students explore our solar system to get a much clearer understanding about planet orbits, size, and relative position to one another.

The site is simply called Planets and it's a fantastic resource for the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

The site allows the teacher or student to control how they are viewing the solar system. Users can touch and drag to move things around and they have a complete set of controls to change scale, speed of orbits (passing of time), or planetary object to follow. For example, if you follow the Sun, the Sun is stationary and it shows the other planets orbiting the Sun. If you  follow the Earth, then it shows the other planetary objects with a stationary Earth.

Science Netlinks
The Science NetLinks website is an amazing website for Science teachers providing them with lessons covering a wide variety of topics and grade levels. The website is very easy to use and they even provide learning benchmarks for the lessons. The really great thing about these lessons is the interactive resources that are contained in each lesson plan.

I've gone through a number of these lessons and pulled out some of the interactive flash-based activities that work really well on an SMART Board. While I've made it very easy to access these resources, I encourage all teachers to utilize the entire lesson plans found on the Science NetLinks website.

Sumanas Animated Tuorials:
Sumanas Animated Tuorials:  Sumanas Animated Tutorials: General Biology. Another wonderful resource that containing flash-based animations that include both step-though and narrated options for many of the resources.
Swim with a big blue whale

You too can watch the largest animal in the world float by on your Smartboard interactive whiteboard by going to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society's interactive website that let's you see what it feels like to swim with a life size blue whale.

Students can touch and drag the whale to move it or they can move the small viewfinder in the top-right of the screen to move directly to different parts of the whale.

Tips and Tutorials
10 No Nos of Teaching with an Interactive Whiteboard or Projector

Here are ten no nos to avoid as you teach with technology.

Enhancing Assessment with Smart Response

Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0 (reference)

Smart Learning Center

We are excited to announce the launch of the new SMART Learning Center. TheSMART Learning Center is a new virtual learning environment loaded with highly innovative interactive learning experiences that will enhance your ability to teach, support learning and improve student outcomes.

Here are some of the exciting features that are available to you:

  • An array of interactive learning experiences, both fee-based and complimentary
  • The integration of technology and pedagogy
  • Lessons on how to integrate technology into your practice
  • The integration of technology and pedagogy
  • Offerings that are interactive and self-paced, with rich multimedia and video content
  • Access to all of our learning experiences including live online, face-to-face, self-paced e-learning and blended learning
  • Easy registration for a personal learning environment
  • New certification programs to demonstrate your competencies in interactive teaching, interactive lesson development and interactive education administration
  • The new SMART Course Credit System, which supports the accumulation of credits that may be used towards certifications, SMART merchandise and more
  • A guest area where you can experience self-paced offerings and browse the course catalog without registering
  • A graphical user interface for easy navigation and empowered access to the learning you need

Smartboard Video Tutorials for Beginners
I have compiled a few videos for beginning SMARTboard users.  The videos contain how to set up, orient, and check for updates for your interactive smartboard.
Teacher Resources
Becky's GLOG

Becky's GLOG is a webpage that has links to different WIKISPACES that are full of technology resources. You must check it out.

Online Learning
Region VI Blackboard

State Blackboard


Online Collaboration
Avoyelles Wiki Spaces

Smartboard Lessons
Amphi Theater

Interactive games for k-12 to use on your smartboard.
Center School District

Smartboard templates in grades k-12

Engaging Learners the Smartboard Way
Tangipahoa Parish School System created a list of great websites to use with your interactive Smartboards.
The middle/high school science resources are designed to be used as rich sources of visually stimulating material, making use of both animations and drag and drop interactivityin the science classroom. The appropriate Key Stage is indicated for each resource.
Near North School District

Phonics SMARTboard files
Created by Scholastic
Smartboard Lessons with BrainPop
Tangipahoa School system developed SMART lessons to use in conjunction with Brainpop.