The Avoyelles Parish School Board, recognizing the importance of worthwhile organizations in the school, encourages club activities.  Such activities shall be held before or after school, on weekends, or whenever feasible as controlled by Bulletin 741, Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators.  Since student organizations play an important part in the total development of the students only if adequate direction is given, the principal or the faculty sponsor of each organization shall attend organizational functions and offer encouragement and guidance.  No organization shall be allowed to function within the school without a faculty sponsor.


Each principal shall develop general guidelines for the establishment and operation of student organizations within the school.  Such guidelines shall include the approval of the principal prior to the formation of any club or organization, the assignment of at least one faculty advisor to each student organization, and compliance with provisions of Board policy.  A faculty advisor shall be required to attend every meeting of the student organization whether conducted on school premises or at another location.


The formation of any student organization that may engage in activities of an apparent controversial nature that may, in the opinion of the principal, interfere with the legitimate educational concerns of the school, shall require approval by the School Board.  All student organizations are required to open membership to all interested and/or eligible students.  Additionally, fraternities, sororities and/or secret societies shall not receive recognition in any manner.


The principal is authorized to deny all requests for forming an organization where the requirements set forth herein or Board policy are not met.  When the principal denies the request of students desiring to form an organization in a particular school, the principal shall inform the students of the reasons for the denial.  The students may submit a written request to the Superintendent or designee within ten (10) days of the denial for a review of the principal's decision.  The decision of the Superintendent or designee after review of the denial shall be final.




The public school is a democratic institution which requires that membership in clubs and other organizations of the school be based on objective criteria.  The criteria shall permit all students to compete for membership without prejudice as to race, creed, or subjective judgment of their peers.  Under no circumstances shall the membership in a school club to be determined by the subjective judgment of the students constituting the club.




The principal of the school shall be directly responsible for the conduct of student body activities in accordance with pertinent rules and regulations.  The principal may delegate responsibility for handling details of administration and the maintenance of records and accounting procedures to other qualified individuals.




The following guidelines must be followed by all existing and all future clubs/ organizations in Avoyelles Parish schools:


  1. A faculty member, approved by the principal, shall monitor the club's the club's meetings and activities.

  2. A roster of members must be submitted to the principal and copies given to all teachers.

  3. A written constitution or guidelines must be submitted to the principal that include the following:


    1. Philosophy

    2. Purpose

    3. Specific requirements for admission of members

    4. Responsibilities/expectations of members


  1. The minutes of all meetings shall be kept on file by the club's secretary or other designated member.  The club monitor shall review the minutes for accuracy and shall ensure the filing thereof.

  2. A schedule of dates and times of meetings must be approved by the principal; meetings of non-curriculum related clubs or organizations shall not require the expenditure of public or school funds beyond the incidental cost of providing the space for student initiated meetings.

  3. Accounting and deposit requirements of state law and Board policy shall be followed.  State law requires that the funds raised by or donated to school clubs be deposited in a school fund account maintained by the principal of the school and that those funds shall be withdrawn and used only for purposes consistent with legitimate club activities.

  4. For all activities that occur off the school campus the provisions of policy IFCB, Field Trips and Excursions, shall be followed.

    Approval of club activities shall not be unreasonably withheld.


For student groups or clubs that are non-curriculum related as provided by the Federal Equal Access Act, the following fair opportunity criteria must also be adhered to:


  1. Equal access will not be denied on the basis of religious, political, philosophical or other content of such meetings or organizations.

  2. The meetings are voluntary and student-initiated;

  3. There is no sponsorship of the meetings by the school, the government, or its agents or employees;

  4. Employees or agents of the school or government are present at religious meetings only in a non-participatory capacity;

  5. The meetings do not materially and substantially interfere with the orderly conduct of educational activities within the school; and

  6. Non-school persons may not direct, conduct, control, or regularly attend activities of student groups.

  7. If access is given to school media such as bulletin boards, newspapers, or public address systems, it must be given to all non-curriculum related clubs on an equal basis.


If a violation of any of the above guidelines occurs in the operation of a school-monitored organization, the principal shall warn that club/organization in writing concerning the violation/s.  If the group does not correct the infraction/s, the principal has the authority to take further steps, such as placing the organization in a probationary status, to ensure that the established policies are followed.  After the above steps have been taken, if the organization continues to violate guidelines, the principal can ultimately disband the club/organization.




In general, student body fundraising projects shall be limited to campus activities, or in connection with regularly scheduled school events.  No individual or group shall instigate any project or activity involving the handling of money without first obtaining the permission of the principal.  No school-sponsored class, club, or organization shall raise money through community sales, or off-campus events, without approval of the principal.


Revised:  February, 2003



Ref:    20 USC 4071-4074 (Equal Access)

20 USC 7905 (Equal Access to Public School Facilities)

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:81, 17:2091


Avoyelles Parish School Board