The site utilization report will be utilized to determine seating capacity at identified schools.  Due to "limited capacity" in receiving schools at the elementary, middle and high school levels, federal guidelines will be followed to fill available seats, if necessary.  A letter will be sent to all parents of students who attend sending schools regarding their right to transfer their children to receiving schools.  Parents who indicate a desire to have their children transfer to a receiving school will be contacted regarding their request.  Receiving schools will provide equal educational opportunities for all students eligible to transfer, including students with disabilities and Limited English Proficiency (LEP). In providing School Choice, the Avoyelles Parish School System will comply with all civil rights laws.  The Avoyelles Parish School Board will maintain a file of all communication involving all interested parties in School Choice.  The Avoyelles Parish School Board will provide a method for transferring school records, including assessment results and their interpretations, to the receiving school for students who transfer pursuant to this policy.


Placement of students with special needs will be made based on availability of services at all receiving schools.  For students remaining at sending schools, an assistance plan will be implemented in the areas of curriculum, instruction, professional development, and parental involvement.  The plan will consist of the following:



Funds from all available sources will be secured in order to support schools targeted under Public School Choice.




In addition to School Choice Parent Letter, parents will be provided with the following information:


  1. An explanation of what the academically unacceptable identification means, and how the school compares in terms of academic achievement to other schools in Avoyelles Parish and in the State;

  2. The reasons for the identification;

  3. An explanation of how parents can become involved in addressing the academic issues that led to identification;

  4. An explanation of the parents' option to transfer their child to another public school, including the provision of transportation to the new school; and

  5. Information on the academic achievement of the school or schools to which the child may transfer.



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Board minutes, 7-11-06, 7-10-07


Avoyelles Parish School Board