Tests given by teachers in Avoyelles Parish schools shall be subject to the following:


  1. Each teacher in Avoyelles shall be required to keep on file in his/her filing cabinet in his/her main classroom, a copy of each and every test or evaluatory tool he/she administers to his/her classes.  These copies shall be dated and keyed. 

    Teachers of grades seven through twelve shall keep all student test papers on file for one calendar year. No test may be sent home; however, parents may view tests at school.  If a teacher exits the system, then the principal shall be responsible for said test papers.  

    In grades kindergarten through sixth, unit tests shall remain at school, but other tests may be sent home for parents to sign and return to the teacher.


  1. In the course of the regular supervisory process by the principal and supervisor, each time the teacher is observed, it shall be the duty of the supervisor or principal to look over and evaluate these tests in terms of construction, content and clarity.

  2. In addition, each teacher is required to submit a dated and keyed copy of all six-weeks, mid-term and final tests to the principal's office prior to it being administered for approval by the principal.

  3. A faculty study, or in-service program on testing and test construction to include all teachers who administer teacher-made tests to students shall be conducted by the schools.


Revised:  April, 2007



Ref:     Board minutes, 10-5-78, 7-20-99, 2-13-07, 7-10-07


Avoyelles Parish School Board