The Avoyelles Parish School Board recognizes that educational field trips and excursions for instructional purposes help provide desirable learning experiences.  The Superintendent has the responsibility for the development of administrative criteria governing field trips and excursions.  Only those field trips, however, that grow out of the instructional program or are otherwise related to the program are to be permitted on school time.  Other trips such as those involving band and athletic activities should be confined to non-school time, except where the school is engaged in competition or a contest that requires use of school time.


Teachers planning on conducting out-of-parish field trips or learning experiences shall submit, through the principal, an application in writing to the Superintendent or his/her designee for approval at least two (2) weeks prior to the field trip.  Before any trip or excursion is taken, written parental permission shall be secured for every pupil planning to take the trip.  Students who have not submitted signed parental permission forms shall not be allowed to make the trip.


Before approval of any field trip is given, it shall be determined whether the trip is covered by the Board's liability insurance.  No travel shall be authorized where coverage cannot be secured prior to the trip commencing.  Except in extreme cases approved by the principal of the school, private vehicles shall not be used for transporting children on field trips.  Only buses, owned by or contracted to the school district, and driven by certified operators shall be permitted, except as noted above.


The Board does not endorse the use of private vehicles to transport students to and/or from interscholastic activities.  However, it recognizes the need for additional transportation at certain times; and the use of private vehicles may be utilized for the transportation of students to interscholastic activities provided that:



Parents who allow students to drive to and from any school-sponsored or related event are accepting sole liability for the actions of their child.  The Board will only provide secondary coverage in the event of an accident if School Board policy has been followed.  When using private vehicles, the driver’s insurance has primary responsibility.


The number of students transported in a vehicle is limited to the recommended capacity of the vehicle.  Seat belts shall be available for every passenger and each occupant of the vehicle and students shall be instructed that they are required to wear seat belts while the vehicle is in motion. 


Any student being transported using private vehicles shall have express written permission from his/her parent or legal guardian to travel in a private vehicle.


A student will be permitted to ride home with his/her parent or legal guardian only after the parent or legal guardian personally submits a written and dated note to the head coach or sponsor that he or she is taking his or her child with them.  This notification must be made on an occasion-by-occasion basis.  The head coach or sponsor will be responsible for accounting for all students before the bus leaves the event.


Any field trips consisting of boys and girls requiring them to stay overnight must be chaperoned by faculty, staff, or parents of both sexes.  Parents should be encouraged to serve as chaperones when possible.


The use of alcohol or any other illegal drug shall be strictly prohibited.  All students shall be subject to the Avoyelles Parish School Board alcohol and drug policy.  All luggage, as well as ice chests, shall be inspected by the chaperones to make sure that no alcohol or other illegal drugs are present before or during field trips.  Behavior rules and regulations are the same as those while the students are attending school.  These facts shall be emphasized on the written parental permission forms.


Students shall be reminded that they are representing their school and all disorderly conduct shall reflect on their school.  Also, any student violating any of these rules should be sent home immediately after their parents have been notified.




Whenever any student trip or excursion utilizes the services of a travel agent or booking agent to provide or arrange for transportation or lodging, the School Board shall require the travel agent or booking agent to provide proof of adequate insurance and present to the Board a surety bond sufficient to insure recovery of all monetary advances as a result of nonperformance.


The amount of the bond shall be at least equal to any payments made to the travel agent agency or booking agent prior to the date of travel.  In addition, any bond issued shall be from a surety company licensed to do business in Louisiana and approved by the Board.  A certified check from the travel agency covering the full amount of advanced payment may be accepted by the Board, but only when a bond is not available.


Additional regulations governing field trips or excursions for students that involve travel or lodging may be maintained by the Superintendent and staff.


The principal of a junior high, middle school, or high school shall be prohibited from approving any field trip or extracurricular activity promoted by any individual, organization, or entity which plans, promotes, or organizes travel arrangements, unless the trip or activity is in accordance with all Board and staff established criteria, and is covered by proper insurance and an acceptable surety bond.


Revised:  September, 2004

Revised:  February, 2005

Revised:  July, 2008



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 17:176.1

Board minutes, 12-14-04, 5-6-08


Avoyelles Parish School Board