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The Avoyelles Parish School Board encourages teachers to discuss their instructional supply needs with their principal.  The principal and teachers will determine an appropriate list of supplemental material based on quality, reputation and significance of author, readability and appeal, format and price.




The primary objective in using audio/visual materials is to implement, enrich, and support the instructional program of the school.  All such material should be shown with a purpose and relate specifically to stated goals and objectives of a given lesson.


The Board recognizes that the teachers have the primary responsibility for the selection and use of audio/visual materials in the classroom.  In exercising responsible judgment and selecting appropriate materials for use from among the array of such materials available, teachers should assure that the materials appropriately implement or enrich the course of study and relate to the stated objectives of the lesson and that the content appropriate to the age level of the students.  No member of any school staff shall use the audio-visual equipment for personal use.


  1. All videos and films that are to be shown must be viewed by the teacher and must be relative to the lesson or lessons being taught in the classroom.  Videos should be used only to enhance a lesson, but should not supplant teacher instruction.

  2. The rating of the video or film must be rated general or suitable for general audiences in grades kindergarten through eighth.  Any video in grades ninth through twelfth other than G-rated must be approved by the assistant principal.

  3. The frequency with which any video or film is shown will be monitored by the principal.




Citizens shall have the right to question media materials used in the Avoyelles Parish School Board.  If a citizen has a complaint he/she must report it to the principal of the school where the material is in question.  The complainant shall file his/her objections in writing with the principal, who shall submit the complaint to the media committee.  The media committee shall assess the complaint and report its findings to the Superintendent for final resolution.



Ref:     Board minutes, 4-7-98


Avoyelles Parish School Board