The Avoyelles Parish School Board shall provide a driver education and training program as established by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and the Louisiana Department of Education.  It shall provide the facilities and personnel necessary for such programs in the public high schools according to the needs and desires of parish students who are eligible for drivers' permits.


The program shall consist of a course of not less than eight (8) hours of actual driving experience and thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction.  The program shall be designed to acquaint students to the safety precautions and hazards related to highway transportation.  Children who are fifteen (15) years of age or older are eligible to participate in the driver education program.  In addition, children who are in at least the ninth (9th) grade and are within ninety (90) days of their fifteenth (15th) birthday may participate in the classroom instruction component of the program.


The Driver Education Program shall have the following objectives:


  1. To develop in each student the proper values and attitudes toward safe and responsible driving.

  2. To develop in each student safe and efficient use of motor vehicle equipment and highways.

  3. To develop in each student a strong sense of personal and social responsibility in the operation of motor vehicles.


The Board shall also provide for a driver improvement program for the purpose of rehabilitating drivers who have been charged with the violation of any law of this state, municipal or parish regulating traffic when called upon by the court to participate in such a program.




A fee for driver training may be assessed the student in an amount approved by the Board.  Factors such as instructor salary and benefits, vehicle charges such as insurance, fuel, and lease payments shall be considered when determining adequate fees to charge.


Revised:  December, 2009



Ref:     Board minutes, 1-26-10, 6-1-10, 9-7-10, 11-2-10


Avoyelles Parish School Board