Participation in the middle school honors program reflects the significant academic achievement of students.  Selection of students to participate in the program shall be in accordance with the following:


  1. Designated dates in the spring will be scheduled for testing all interested seventh grade students for the Eighth Grade Advanced Academic Program.

  2. A standardized test will be administered to determine placement in individual Advanced Academic Program Classes.

  3. A student will automatically qualify for placement in the requested areas of the Advanced Academic Program if his/her cumulative grade point average from the sixth grade, through the fifth six-weeks of the seventh grade, is a 3.750 or better. Specifically, all six weeks grades for each subject taken must be averaged as a composite to arrive at the cumulative grade point average.

  4. A student will automatically qualify for placement in the Advanced Academic Program if he/she scores in the seventh, eighth, or ninth stanine of the placement test in the subject requested.

  5. If there are any remaining slots available after steps 3 and 4 have been considered, then the criteria for consideration of placement will be student rank according to GPA and a minimum stanine score of 5 in the subject area requested.

  6. All students who requested, but were unable to take the placement tests as scheduled, will be notified by the principal as the date a makeā€‘up exam will be given at the designated school.

  7. If necessary, transfer students who requested Advanced Academic Classes will be tested by the principal at the designated school.  Middle school students will now be evaluated on two or three criteria instead of just one and these recommendations will parallel the high school criteria for screening for the honors program.



Ref:     Board minutes, 12-10-96


Avoyelles Parish School Board