The Avoyelles Parish School Board members recognize that a solid educational foundation is imperative for our children's future.  Thus, the following steps are recommended to the School Superintendent and staff as a means of projecting what positive direction the Board desires to pursue for the future.


  1. Review past and present experiences.  Determine trends showing loss of students for the past five (5) years and projections for the numbers of pre-school children to enroll in all grade levels.

  2. Use data from these experiences.  To identify strengths and weaknesses of all children, determine home situations and develop support systems to maximize children's potential strengths for academic success.

  3. Use meanings/clarification of data for appropriate decision making.  Provide the Board with updates and time-lines for these matters.

  4. Do not make assumptions about projected performances of children.  All children can learn!

  5. Draw conclusions, plan accordingly, and update the Board in a timely manner.

  6. Adopt goals and objectives (short and long term) for belief system and prospective comprehensive parish education plan.

  7. Develop a system wide action plan and a corresponding time-line for its implementation.

  8. Project and present to the Board a financial plan for addressing the needs of this prospective


    1. Physical plant needs

    2. Personnel/staff assignments

    3. Equipment and other education accessory needs


  1. Present an outline of the evaluation mechanism which will be used to measure successes and failures of this proposed plan.  Make adjustments as necessary.

  2. Organize an ongoing community relations program to inform present and projected new parents about services available for their children's education.

  3. Additional consideration by Board members and central office staff as well as school site level staff members.


New policy:  March, 2008



Ref:    Board minutes, 3-4-08


Avoyelles Parish School Board