The focus of Avoyelles Parish School Board and school system centers around a concern for the well being and education of each school age child.  The School Board believes that preparation for life in a democratic society should be viewed with consideration for the immediate and the further needs of each individual.  Providing meaningful and wholesome experiences through curriculum offerings, school activities, and the personal guidance of a well-trained, sympathetic, and conscientious staff helps develop within the capacity of each student the basic skills, desirable habits, wholesome attitudes, and worthwhile appreciations that will contribute to his/her fullest success, happiness, and usefulness in society.


The school system's purpose is to inspire the individual toward enjoying his/her life to the fullest extent, while attaining satisfactory material success, and to instill in him/her the desire to continue his/her development throughout his/her entire life.


In order to fulfill the principles set forth in the Board's philosophy, the general educational and behavioral objectives of the instructional program of the Avoyelles Parish School System shall consist of the following:


  1. To help students develop and maintain good physical and mental health.

  2. To help students achieve command of the fundamental skills and knowledges which are basic to all learning.

  3. To help students gain an understanding of our constitutional form of government and a knowledge of the history of the United States and of the part the United States plays in world affairs, and to help students to accept the obligations of good citizenship.

  4. To help students understand the scientific approach to the problems of life, recognizing the need for conservation of human and natural resources and the contributions made by science to the world in which we live.

  5. To help students acquire salable skills in the fields of their choice which will enable them to take their place in the working world.

  6. To help students become intelligent consumers of material goods, products and services.

  7. To help students develop avocational interests which are satisfying and which provide worthy use of leisure time.

  8. To help students' spiritual understanding, and to learn to recognize the ethical, aesthetic and moral values of experience.



Ref:     Board minutes, 10-15-74


Avoyelles Parish School Board