The Avoyelles Parish School Board shall grant leave of absence without pay for periods not exceeding one (1) year, to any regularly employed teacher or other employee who requests such leave in writing, whenever in the discretion of the Board such leave is in the best interest of the school system. 




  1. A request for leave of absence without pay for personal reasons shall not be acceptable unless the applicant appears before the Executive Committee and the Executive Committee accepts the reason as adequate and in the best interest of the school system, provided, however, the Superintendent has authority to waive these requirements at his/her discretion.

  2. Leave without pay shall not count toward tenure, if applicable, but shall not affect tenure rights which the applicant may have acquired prior thereto.

  3. An employee on leave without pay may pay the total cost of purchasing credit in the retirement system to which he/she belongs should that retirement system have policies which permit him/her to do so.

  4. Leave without pay shall not count as experience for pay purposes.

  5. Leave without pay shall not exceed a period of more than one year.




An employer may grant any employee of the school system leave from work of up to a total of sixteen (16) hours during any twelve (12) month period to attend, observe, or participate in conferences or classroom activities related to the employee's dependent children for whom he/she is the legal guardian that are conducted at the child's school or day care center, if the conferences or classroom activities cannot reasonably be scheduled during the nonwork hours of the employee.  An employee who wishes to request such leave shall provide a reasonable notice to the employer prior to the leave and make a reasonable effort to schedule the leave so as not to unduly disrupt the operations of the employer. 


An employer is not required to pay an employee for any time taken as leave for conferences and school activities.  However, an employee shall be permitted to substitute any accrued vacation time or other appropriate paid leave for any leave taken as provided here.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:81, 17:1186, 23:1015.2

Board minutes, 8-1-78, 9-4-90, 9-15-98


Avoyelles Parish School Board