The Avoyelles Parish School Board expects that when a person is hired on a regular, full-time basis, the employee shall give the responsibilities of their position in the district precedence over any type of outside part-time work.


The outside work done by a staff member is of concern insofar as it may:



Therefore, an employee shall not perform any duties related to an outside job during regular working hours or during the additional time that is needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the position; nor will an employee use any district facilities, equipment, or materials in performing outside work.


An employee shall confer with the Superintendent or a designee before accepting any outside employ­ment and discuss the prospective job in relation to current duties with the Board.


Recoded:  March, 2006

Approved:  October, 2006



Ref:     Board minutes, 10-3-06


Avoyelles Parish School Board