The Avoyelles Parish School Board directs that the work load of teachers be determined by the principal based on the teacher allotment for each respective school.  Students in the elementary grades shall be equally divided among teachers at each grade level.  In high school, teachers shall not be asked to teach more students than are allowed according to Bulletin 741, Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators.  All extra duties demanded of teachers shall be equally divided among all teachers.


However, when circumstances do not permit the above conditions, the cooperation of all teachers will be requested until such circumstances are alleviated.




Teachers shall be required to assume special rotational supervision duties arranged cooperatively by principals and teachers.  Adequate supervision of students at all times is of utmost importance, be it in the classroom during formal instruction, before and after school hours when students are on campus, and during all recesses when students are in playing areas.


From the legal aspect, it is important that there be adequate supervision of the playground at all times so that playground activities contribute to learning of the social process and provided further that the school will not be liable by negligence in respect to proper supervision of children's activities.  Promptness in reporting for a performance of yard duty contributes greatly to the efficiency of a school.  Cooperation among teachers in assuming responsibilities for assuring the welfare of students is urged.



Ref:     Louisiana Handbook For School Administrators, Bulletin 741, Louisiana Department of Education


Avoyelles Parish School Board