The Avoyelles Parish School Board shall direct the Superintendent to send a letter of intent notice to each teacher whose work has been accepted as satisfactory by the principal and supervisor(s) by May 1 requesting a commitment on his/her intentions on continued employment, transfer within the system, termination of employment, or seeking retirement.  The letter of intent shall be returned to the Central Office by the date indicated on the form.


The Superintendent shall recommend personnel for reemployment subject to ratification by the Board.  After the Board has ratified the appointment of teachers, a letter of assignment, in duplicate, shall be sent to each teacher.  One copy shall be returned to the Central Office before the date indicated therein.  It is the policy of the Board to consider teaching positions of personnel not complying with this deadline date as specified in the letter of assignment as vacant, and applications shall be taken for such positions.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81

Board minutes, 4-15-75, 7-15-75, 8-19-75, 5-4-76


Avoyelles Parish School Board