The Avoyelles Parish School Board, through the Superintendent, may require an employee to have a medical examination whenever there is evidence the employee's condition warrants such action, or there is concern for safety.  Examinations may also be conducted to determine adequacy of job performance or to meet requirements of state or federal laws.  All examinations conducted shall conform to all state and federal requirements.  The physician shall be designated by the Superintendent, and the cost of the examination shall be paid by the School Board.  The School Board may be entitled to reimbursement from an employee for the costs of such employee's or applicant's pre-employment medical examination or drug test, however, if the employee terminates the employment relationship sooner than ninety (90) working days after the first day of work or never reports to work, unless there is a substantial change made to the employment by the School Board.




operators must pass a physical and eye examination meeting current Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) requirements annually.  Effective May 22, 2014, all physicals must be done by a certified medical examiner, which are registered on the National Registry data base.  Physicals shall be done during the months of June or July and a copy of the examination record shall be filed with the Avoyelles Parish School Board transportation off ice before the beginning of each school year.  The Avoyelles Parish School Board will reimburse each operator with a receipt up to and not exceeding $25.00.  More extensive and/or more frequent exams may be required by the Avoyelles Parish School Board as deemed necessary at the expense of the operator.  All school bus operators must be certified as having normal use of both hands, both arms, both feet, both legs and must possess normal or corrected vision of 20/40 in both eyes, with a field of vision of at least 150 degrees.  They must have corrected or normal hearing, be free of communicable disease and of mental, emotion or functional disorders.


After a heart attack or other serious illness, a certificate of health and permission to return to work from a licensed physician must be presented and filed with the transportation office and maintained in the operator's record.


The Avoyelles Parish School Board may require such certification, as well as all annual physical examinations, to be approved by School Board-appointed physicians, who also may be required to meet requirements stipulated by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.




The Avoyelles Parish School Board shall require all food service employees or any personnel who perform services in the cafeteria to take a test for tuberculosis or other communicable diseases.  A separate file for each "food-handler" shall be established at the Parish Health Unit.  Health Unit nurses shall be expected to attend a pre-school workshop every summer, scheduled by the Supervisor of Food Services.


The health examinations shall be given to those employees who have previously been given a test in which the results were negative and to those who were never given a test.  The employees whose tests were positive shall be given a chest x-ray arranged by the Health Unit.  Those employees who do not attend the workshop shall make their own arrangements for the test.


School nurses shall make periodic inspection (at the beginning of school and every three (3) months) of all "food-handlers" to check for communicable disease.


Revised:  February 3, 2015



Ref:    42 USC 12101 et seq. (Title I, Americans With Disabilities Act)

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 17:491, 17:491.2, 23:897

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Avoyelles Parish School Board