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Because tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death, disease, and disability, the Avoyelles Parish School Board shall strive to provide a tobacco-free environment.


Smoking, chewing or otherwise consuming any tobacco or tobacco product in any elementary or secondary school building, vehicle or any building of the Avoyelles Parish School Board shall be strictly prohibited.


Smoking, carrying a lighted cigar or cigarette, pipe or any other form of smoking object or device shall be prohibited on the grounds of any elementary or secondary school property or any Avoyelles Parish School Board property.  School Board property shall include any portable buildings, field houses, stadiums, equipment storage areas, vacant land, or any property owned, operated, or leased by the Board.  


Smoking or the use of any tobacco product shall be prohibited on any school bus transporting children attending any public elementary or secondary school.


The School Board may provide appropriate cessation counseling and/or referral services for staff members.


Communication of Policy


Employees shall be informed of this policy through written notice, policy manuals, and orientation training.


Revised:  January 8, 2013



Ref:    20 USC 6083 (Nonsmoking Policy for Children's Services)

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:240, 40:1291.1, 40:1291.2, 40:1291.3, 40:1291.11, 40:1291.21

Board minutes, 1-8-13


Avoyelles Parish School Board