The Avoyelles Parish School Board recognizes that a program of professional development and education is important for the constant professional growth and improvement of an employee.  Therefore, professional personnel shall be encouraged to keep up with new developments and take part in development opportunities in their academic fields and to cultivate an open mind and an experimental attitude toward current educational practices.


The Board may annually develop a plan for in-service teacher educational programs in conformity with guidelines established by the Louisiana Department of Education.  The School Board shall utilize the advice of the members of its professional staff in developing the proposed plans. 




All Title I teacher aides employed by the Avoyelles Parish School Board shall be afforded an opportunity to earn undergraduate credit hours of "Child Development" courses each school year as a part of the Title I Staff Development plan.  Relevant fees, texts, and materials for Avoyelles Parish School Board Title I teacher aides enrolled in staff development courses shall be paid with Title I district funds directly to the providing college/university.


A stipend, in the amount of $100.00, shall be paid to Title I teacher aides who successfully complete each undergraduate course.  An additional $50.00 stipend shall be paid to each teacher aide who works hard and earns an "A" in the course offerings.


Avoyelles Parish School Board teacher aides may select the option of taking/passing a Formal Assessment.


An Avoyelles Parish School Board Title I teacher aide who earns an Associate Degree or earns two years of college credits (60 academic hours) shall receive a one time payment of $2000.00, to be paid as follows:  $1000.00 awarded upon completion of the first thirty (30) undergraduate hours and another $1000.00 upon completion of sixty (60) undergraduate hours or the Associate Degree in an education related program.  Implementation shall become effective August, 2002 or when federal funds are allocated for this program.  An official transcript shall be presented to the Director of Federal Programs no later than the starting date of each school session for award payments to be made by the Avoyelles Parish School Board Finance Department.


Principals of School Wide schools are encouraged to include Title I teacher aides in faculty meetings and workshop sessions when inservice training topics are a part of the faculty meeting agenda.  This inclusion will benefit the delivery of instructional service to students by Title I teacher aides in that they will be better trained to reinforce materials introduced to students by the classroom teacher.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:24.1

Board minutes, 7-17-01


Avoyelles Parish School Board