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The Avoyelles Parish School Board shall purchase liability insurance coverage involving court suits due to accidents in which the Board could be held liable for the cause of accidents involving students, school personnel, visitors, etc., while on or in the property of the Board.  Other forms of liability insurance coverage may also be purchased as deemed necessary, such as coverage to protect the Board in its policy making decisions or the interpretations of its decisions by Board employees.




School Board Vehicles


All School Board owned vehicles shall be insured against liability for bodily injury and property damage to others.  The insurance policy(ies) purchased by the Board shall carry the minimum limits as set by the Board.


Personal Vehicles


The Avoyelles Parish School Board shall require personnel within the school district, who use their own vehicles while on official school business during the course of their employment, to carry automobile liability insurance.  The amount of coverage shall be at least that required by state law or a minimum which may be set by the Board.



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Board minutes, 2-25-75, 4-1-75, 12-16-75, 10-19-76


Avoyelles Parish School Board