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The Avoyelles Parish School Board recognizes that the school buildings, vehicles, and other property it owns in the parish represent a considerable investment by the citizens of Avoyelles Parish.  It is, therefore, incumbent upon the School Board to protect this investment through the acquisition of various types of insurance that will protect Board property from loss.


The School Board shall authorize the purchase of property insurance, insuring all school and related buildings against damage, as well as other insurance coverages deemed advisable to protect School Board property from specific forms of loss.  The Board shall not be obligated to solicit bids for insurance coverages since state law does not require the public bidding of insurance services.  The Board shall reserve the right to negotiate the best coverages at the best price.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81

Board minutes, 6-2-59, 2-5-74


Avoyelles Parish School Board