It shall be the policy of the Avoyelles Parish School Board to require that school properties be maintained in good physical condition.  The Board, therefore, shall instruct the Superintendent to assure that all normal building and grounds maintenance, repairs and improvement functions are an integral part of the administration of the school system, including the elimination of any safety hazards.


The Superintendent shall be delegated a broad range of administrative and supervisory authority relative to the school system's buildings and grounds program.  Reports, when requested, may be made available to the Board relative to maintenance needs, safety, utility and attractiveness of school plants and grounds within the school system.


The Board shall not be held responsible for any personal items stolen or damaged on school premises. 




The Board shall require principals and/or persons in charge of public school property to prohibit the use, sale, or possession of alcoholic beverages on public school property or at any school related function.




Because tobacco is such a debilitating health concern, all property of the Avoyelles Parish School Board shall be essentially a smoke-free/tobacco-free environment.  The use of tobacco products shall be prohibited on all School Board property, in all school facilities and vehicles, and on school and facility grounds, except in areas specifically designated as smoking areas, and at all school-sponsored functions.  School Board property shall include any portable buildings, field houses, stadiums, equipment storage areas, vacant land, or any property owned, operated, or leased by the Board.   


Tobacco advertising shall also be prohibited in school buildings, at school functions, and in school publications.


Communication of Policy


Visitors shall be informed of this policy through posted signs at the entrances to the grounds of any School Board property and each school and school buildings, and within school vehicles.


Revised:  January 8, 2013



Ref:    20 USC 6083 (Nonsmoking Policy for Children's Services)

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Board minutes, 11-20-84, 1-8-13


Avoyelles Parish School Board