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All purchasing of materials and supplies shall be handled through the Central Office.  The following procedure shall be established for purchasing and distribution of materials and supplies used in all Avoyelles Parish public schools:


Requisition Forms - All request for materials and supplies shall be initiated on special requisition forms by the principal of the school.  The Central Office will either approve or disapprove the request and so notify the principal.


Purchase Orders - Once a request is approved, a purchase order properly numbered shall be initiated for items not in stock in the warehouse.  Warehouse stock items shall be sent immediately to the school.  Items to be ordered shall first be delivered to the Central Office, then shipped to the school requesting.


Delivery Vouchers - Delivery vouchers shall be prepared in duplicate and sent along with all material and supplies to the schools.  Both copies shall be signed by the principal or secretary upon receipt of merchandise; one copy to be returned to the Central Office and one copy kept as school record.


Payment - Only invoices billed to the Avoyelles Parish School Board shall be honored and paid through the Central Office.  Any invoice billed to the school shall be paid by the school.  Before payment is made, all invoices shall be cross-checked with purchase orders for verification.



Ref:     Board minutes, 3-4-75, 5-17-77


Avoyelles Parish School Board