The Avoyelles Parish School Board shall reimburse employees and School Board members for expenses incurred while on official School Board business, within budgetary limitations.  Travel expenses shall be limited to those expenses necessarily incurred by employees or School Board members in the performance of official responsibilities as may be authorized by the School Board.


All employees who use their private vehicles for official School Board business shall be required to carry liability insurance in an amount set by the School Board to be eligible for reimbursement.  When a private vehicle is used, mileage shall be reimbursed based at the rate currently in use and approved by the School Board.  In no case shall an employee be allowed mileage or transportation reimbursement when the employee has been gratuitously transported by another person.


Any emergency travel requests occurring between School Board meetings shall be submitted to the Superintendent for approval.  Any employee or School Board member who submits a false or fraudulent travel claim shall be subject to disciplinary action and the School Board shall be entitled to restitution in full compliance with statutory provisions.




A common carrier, plane, bus, or train, shall be used whenever feasible for out-of-state travel. If a personally-owned automobile is used instead of a common carrier, reimbursement shall not exceed the cost of the lesser had the travel been by plane or train.  Additional meals/lodging costs incurred as a result of driving rather than flying shall not be reimbursed.




In-Parish Travel


  1. For use of automobile - Reimbursement at state rate.

  2. No allowance for meals and lodging.

  3. Standard mileage from School Board Office or place of beginning (clearly established on travel voucher) to destination point.  From destination point, other travel must be entered as vicinity travel on travel voucher.  Standard mileage is pre-determined by speedometer readings. 


Out-Of-Parish Travel (In and Out Of State) ACTUAL RECEIPTS REQUIRED


  1. For use of automobile - Reimbursement at current state rate per mile per speedometer reading to point of destination.  Authorized vicinity travel must be entered as vicinity travel on travel voucher.  Garage and parking fees are allowed.

  2. Aircraft fares are allowed when justified.  Receipt for fares must be attached to travel voucher.

  3. Lodging - Reimbursed for actual expense at single occupancy rate.  Receipt from hotel or motel must be attached to travel voucher.

  4. Meals (including tips) - A maximum per diem amount of $30 will be allowed for overnight lodging trips only.  Receipts will not be required.  The $30 will apply for in-state and out-of-state travel.

  5. Registration fees are allowable reimbursements.  If cost of meal is included in registration fee, additional cost of meal may not be reimbursed.

  6. Detail of lodging and other allowable expenses must be supplied on attached voucher.

  7. Overnight travel must be approved by the entire School Board and on occasions where overnight travel is desired prior to official action of the School Board, the Superintendent is authorized to approve such travel, subject to the School Board's final approval.

  8. Reimbursement requests shall be submitted within ninety (90) days of the trip.  Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of funds.


Revised:  January, 2005

Revised:  March, 2009

Revised:  May 5, 2015



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:56, 17:81, 32:861, 32:862, 32:863, 32:863.1, 32:900

Board minutes, 5-1-79, 6-20-79, 2-3-09, 5-5-15


Avoyelles Parish School Board