The Avoyelles Parish School Board shall require, in accordance with state law, the President and Superintendent, as Secretary-Treasurer, or any two (2) officers or persons designated by the School Board, to review all expenditures and sign any and all checks issued in payment of said expenditures.  The School Board authorizes the use of a facsimile signature device for those persons designated to sign checks.  The Superintendent shall establish and maintain appropriate procedures for assuring the proper issuance of all checks.




Contracts obligating the School Board or school district shall be countersigned by the President of the School Board, the Treasurer, and/or appropriate personnel.  Any person purporting to enter into any contract on behalf of the School Board, school district, or any school under the School Board’s jurisdiction, including but not limited to contracts with vendors or contracts of membership in any private or quasi-public entity, shall do so in compliance with policies adopted by the School Board and administrative procedures in effect at the time the contract is executed.




The School Board directs that only authorized school employees shall sign bills, invoices, or statements in accordance with pertinent accounting procedures.




The Superintendent shall be required to sign all teacher contracts.




The School Board authorizes principals to open bank accounts for their schools and related clubs and organizations.  The use of checking accounts at schools shall be in accordance with appropriate accounting regulations and procedures maintained by the Superintendent or his/her designee.


The Superintendent shall be given authority to make changes on school checking accounts as each school principal or school administrator changes, or at any other time deemed necessary, without the necessity of any additional resolution being adopted by the School Board.  School Board personnel shall monitor the appropriateness of each checking account and shall be authorized to recommend to the Superintendent the closure of any account deemed necessary.


Revised and recoded from DJAA:  February 7, 2017



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 17:83, 17:97

Board minutes, 10-5-78, 2-7-17


Avoyelles Parish School Board