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In accordance with statutory provisions, the Avoyelles Parish School Board shall direct the Superintendent to serve as treasurer for the Avoyelles Parish School Board, who shall receive, hold in custody, and expend all funds as directed by the Board and in conformance with statutory accounting and budgetary requirements. The Superintendent shall also maintain pertinent regulations and procedures to assure the proper expending of Board funds.


No expenditure of funds shall be made where the expenditure would be more than funds available, unless approved by the Board.




The principal of a school shall receive, hold in custody, and expend all funds in accordance with proper procedure of all activities of the school for which he or she is responsible.




All proposed expenditures on non-budgeted items shall be referred to the Finance Committee prior to consideration by the Board.




It is the policy of the Avoyelles Parish School Board to expend all local and state funds in participating Title I schools in a manner that is at least comparable in services the School Board is providing in schools not receiving federal Title I or other funds.  In providing such services, the School Board shall:  (1) compensate employees based on a Board-approved district-wide salary schedule; (2) provide staffing resources on an equitable basis among its schools; and (3) ensure equivalence among schools in the provision of curriculum materials and instructional supplies.


Revised:   June, 2005



Ref:    20 USC 6321 (Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged)

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Board minutes, 2-1-77, 4-5-05


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