The Avoyelles Parish School Board directs the Superintendent to maintain a current itemized list of all land, buildings, improvements other than buildings, equipment, and any other general fixed assets which were purchased or otherwise acquired, for which the Board is accountable.


Physical Inventory


In order to maintain an accurate account of Avoyelles Parish School Board possessions, a physical inventory of all possessions is to be taken at the building level at least annually, but may be more frequent as needed.  Principals are the designated custodians of all possessions at the school level and shall be ultimately responsible for the safeguarding and record maintenance of all possessions in their schools.  However, any employee who has physical custody of School Board assets shall be personally responsible for safeguarding the assets, i.e., each teacher shall be responsible for his/her classroom, the librarian for the assets in the library, the band director for the assets in the band department, etc.


Building level administrators shall be responsible for ensuring that annual inventories are taken and that the property control officer is notified of any changes that need to be made to their respective inventory records or reported as required.  The Superintendent and/or his/her designee shall maintain pertinent procedures for maintaining inventory and tracking records, including, identifying, appraising, tagging, and removing fixed assets from any inventory records.




  1. Property Management of Equipment

    Adequate maintenance procedures shall be implemented to keep equipment in good condition.  Property records shall be maintained accurately.  Equipment acquisitions shall be handled according to one of the following procedures.

    A description shall be given of the equipment with a unit acquisition cost of $5000 or more, with an estimated life of one year or more and items purchased with funds identified by the state as 8(g) funds, valued at $250 or more.  The following information shall be included:


    1. A description of the equipment (including manufacturer's serial number).

    2. An identification number (tag number).

    3. Acquisition date and unit acquisition cost.

    4. Source of funding.

    5. Location.

    6. All pertinent information on the ultimate transfer or disposal.

    7. All deliveries of equipment falling into this category are to be made to the maintenance warehouse, tagged and delivered to appropriate school or department.


  1. Internal Control

    Effective control and accountability for all program funds, real and personal property assets shall be maintained.

    A physical inventory with a unit acquisition cost of $5000 or more with an estimated useful life of one year or more, shall be conducted and the results reconciled with the property records to verify the existence, utilization, and continued need.

    Adequate safeguards to prevent loss, damage, or theft of equipment shall be used.  Any loss, damage, or theft of equipment shall be investigated and fully documented.  The School Board may require a report of the circumstances.

    For accountability and internal control purposes, an inventory of equipment and other items costing less than $5,000 may also be inventoried, tagged, and tracked by the School Board.


  1. Disposition of Equipment

    The Board may trade in existing equipment when acquiring replacement equipment.  Equipment that can no longer be used shall be disposed of as follows:


    1. Actively seek to recover the highest possible return on equipment that is in good operating condition.  Selling procedures shall be established which will provide for adequate competition and the highest possible return.  All income shall be deposited in the proper fund and expended according to program requirements.

    2. If unable to sell used equipment, efforts should be made to transfer the equipment to other programs.

    3. When unable to sell or transfer inoperable or used equipment, attempts should be made to sell the equipment to buyers or scrap materials following procedures that will provide maximum competition and result in the highest possible return to the program.

    4. If efforts to sell or transfer used equipment fail, the Superintendent shall be authorized to have the equipment removed from facilities and transported to the nearest dump.


  1. Donations

    Donations of equipment may be accepted.  The donations remain the sole property of the Board and must be received without solicitation or promise of favors to the donor.


  1. Retention of Records

    All records, reports, inventories and source documents must be retained for a period of three (3) years from the end of the fiscal year to which they pertain.  If any litigation, claim, negotiation, audit or other action involving the records has been started before the end of the three (3) year period, the records shall be kept until all issues have been resolved, or until the end of the regular three (3) year period, whichever is later.  Records for equipment with a unit cost of $300 or more, with an estimated useful life of one year or more, shall be retained for three (3) years after its final disposition.




The School Board and each school shall keep an inventory record of all textbooks on hand at the beginning of the session, as well as records of those textbooks added, worn out, and in need of replacement.  Textbook records should be kept on file for a minimum of three (3) years.


All lost or damaged books must be paid for by the student to which the books have been assigned.  Money received by a principal for lost or damaged books must be recorded and deposited into the school account.


Revised:  August, 2001

Revised:  June, 2008



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Board minutes, 3-4-97, 6-5-01, 10-7-08


Avoyelles Parish School Board