The Avoyelles Parish School Board met in special session Tuesday, April 14, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. at the School Board Office with the following members present:


             Michael Lacombe, President; Darrell Wiley, Vice-President; Freeman Ford, Chris LaCour, James Gauthier, Shelia Blackman-Dupas, Lizzie Ned, Van Kojis, and John Gagnard.


            Absent: None.


            An Invocation was offered by Board Member Chris LaCour.


            The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America led by board Member Shelia Blackman-Dupas.  


            1.         On motion by Van Kojis, seconded by Chris LaCour, the Board adopted the minutes of the regular Board meeting held Tuesday, April 7, 2015, as printed and mailed to Board members and published in The Weekly News, official journal of the Board.  MOTION CARRIED.


            2.         Mr. Steve Marcotte, Maintenance Supervisor, addressed the Board regarding the final adoption of the lease document for Section 16 properties as prepared by Attorney James Lee.  Mr. Marcotte stated that Mr. Lee updated the lease in accordance with Board policy and State law.


                        Mr. Marcotte called attention to the Board to certain items in the lease which necessitates Board approval, as follows:


                        Item Number 3: The rental payment for the first lease year shall be due on the commencement day of the lease, and rental payments on each option year thereafter will be due on the 30th day of June of each succeeding year during the term of this lease.


                        Item Number 4: Lessor herein does not grant to Lessee the right to sublease.


                        Item Number 7: Lessor further requires that any and all improvements made by Lessee shall be at their sole expense, risk and liability.  Should any improvements be made, they shall insure to the benefit of Lessor unless removed by Lessee within ninety (90) days of termination of this lease weather permitting.


                        President Michael Lacombe read a letter from Mr. Thomas W. Hudson, Associate with Norris Insurance Consultants, Incorporated which stated in part:


                        “Dear Mr. Lacombe:


                        It has come to our attention that there remains a general misunderstanding among some tenants and perhaps others of Avoyelles Parish School Board’s owned 16th Section land on which campsites are located and leased to tenants, regarding premises liability coverage on these campsites.


                        We are concerned over this misunderstanding of liability insurance coverage and the purpose of this letter is to explain and to clarify this misunderstanding.


                        The Comprehensive General Liability policy purchased and maintained by your Board affords liability coverage (subject to the policy terms, limits, conditions and exclusions) for its Named Insured, Avoyelles Parish School Board.  That coverage extends to include your 16th Section land campsites, but only for the interests of the School Board.  This policy will not provide liability insurance coverage for any campsite tenant/lessee.  Each of these tenants/lessees must provide for his or her own campsite premises liability insurance coverage and not look to the Avoyelles Parish School Board for this liability insurance protection.


                        To reiterate, the School Board, as property owner/lessor, is insured for premises liability under its liability policy; the tenant, as lessee, is not”.


                                                                        /s/        Thomas W. Hudson, Associate


                        Item Number 8: It is understood and agreed that Lessee shall maintain premises liability insurance coverage in the amount of $100,000 and shall name the Avoyelles Parish School board as additional insured.


                        Item Number 10 (sub Number 12)


Anyone convicted of a felon shall not be allowed on School Board property, specifically Section 16 and FFA property, for any purpose (Lessee or not).


                        Item Number 15            Lessee acknowledges that to hunt or fish on the Lessor premise requires a permit from Lessor.  Lessee further acknowledges that in the event Lessee or its invitees hunt or fish without a permit, Lessee shall be penalized $100 for their first violation and termination of lease for the second offense.  Lessee further acknowledges that any use of the premise without a permit is considered a tresspass by the offender.


                        On motion by Van Kojis, seconded by Freeman Ford, the Board agreed to approve the Lease Agreement for Section 16 properties and FFA properties with the corrections and changes.  MOTION CARRIED.


                        On motion by John Gagnard, seconded by Shelia Blackman-Dupas, the Board agreed to advertise for vacant leases and re-signing existing leases.  MOTION CARRIED.    


            3.         Superintendent Blaine Dauzat addressed the Board regarding payment for the New  Tech Program at Bunkie New Tech High School for the 2015-2016 school year.


                        On motion by Van Kois, seconded by Darrell Wiley, the Board authorized the Superintendent to pay $15,000 for the second year of the New Tech Program at Bunkie New Tech High School. 


                        The motion was adopted by the following vote:


                        Ayes: Freeman Ford, Chris LaCour, James Gauthier, Michael Lacombe, Darrell Wiley, Van Kojis, and John Gagnard.


                        Nays: Shelia Blackman-Dupas and Lizzie Ned.   


            4.         On motion by Freeman Ford, seconded by James Gauthier, the Board agreed to go into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing pending litigation (Holmes versus Avoyelles Parish School Board bearing Civil Action 12,721 on the docket of the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana.)  MOTION CARRIED.


                        On motion by Lizzie Ned, seconded by Chris LaCour, the Board reconvened in open public session at approximately 6:25 p.m.


                        A motion was offered by Freeman Ford, seconded by Shelia Blackman-Dupas, that the Board terminate the services of Dr. William Gordon immediately.


                        The motion failed by the following vote:


                        Ayes: Freeman Ford and Shelia Blackman-Dupas.


                        Nays: Chris LaCour, James Gauthier, Michael Lacombe, Darrell Wiley, Lizzie Ned, Van Kojis, and John Gagnard.


            There being no further business, on motion by James Gauthier, seconded by John Gagnard, the meeting was adjourned.




Michael Lacombe, President


Blaine Dauzat, Secretary-Treasurer