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School Choice


Bunkie High


School Choice Information


July 6, 2012


Dear Parent and/or Guardian:


Federal law requires school districts to offer families in schools that have been identified as in need of improvement the chance to transfer their children to other public schools in the same district. Your child’s school has been identified as a school in need of improvement and you are allowed to choose to enroll him or her in another school. To help you understand how the choice program works, here are some answers to questions you may have.


Why was Bunkie High identified as a “school in need of improvement” and how does it compare to other schools in Avoyelles Parish and in the rest of Louisiana?

Bunkie High School was identified as a school in need of improvement because a subgroup of students did not meet performance goals established by the State in the area of standardized tests. This subgroup of students failed to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in the same subject for two consecutive years as required by NCLB guidelines. Bunkie High School’s School Performance score is 62.7. The average School Performance score for Avoyelles Parish is 81.2. The average State Performance Score is 98.0.

What is Bunkie High School doing to address the problem of low achievement, and what are the school system and the Louisiana State Department of Education doing to help them address the problem?

The school system administration will evaluate all areas of instruction at Bunkie High. This evaluation will include observations, interviews and surveys of students, teachers, and parents to determine what areas need to be improved. The information obtained will be used to prepare a School Improvement Plan. These plans require classroom instruction and teacher training to focus on improving the areas in which students at Bunkie High are having difficulty. Bunkie High School will analyze test scores and other data to target all areas of academic need. The school will implement literacy strategies, tutorial programs and innovative math strategies. Consultants will work along with the administration and staff to identify the most effective instructional practices for the diverse student population that attends Bunkie High. The State Department of Education will be sending assistance in the form of additional funding and technical assistance through the Regional Service Centers. The district will provide a lower pupil/teacher ratio and work with the school weekly in monitoring its success.

Additional assistance includes:


·         Staffing with highly qualified teachers;

·         The target student/teacher ratio will be lowered;

·         Additional support staff will include a curriculum assistant, instructional coaches, behavioral strategist, and full time In-School Isolation Program;

·         READ 180 Program

·         Read Naturally

·         Comprehensive Curriculum/Pacing Guide

·         Rigor and Relevance Framework

·         New Tech Model

·         Connection Lab

·         Behavior Interventionist

·         Positive Behavior Support (PBIS)

·         Freshman Academy/Career Academics

·         Pre-GED Skills Option

·         LA GEAR UP

·         Supplemental Services or tutoring


How can I become involved in addressing the problems that caused Bunkie High School to be identified as a school in need of improvement? 

Families are encouraged to arrange a private conference with their child’s teachers to discuss ways to improve academic performance. Families are also invited to participate as members of the School Improvement Team at Bunkie High School. The School Improvement Team is a group made up of the principal, teachers and parents that works to improve the education and overall learning experience for all students at Bunkie High School. Even if a family member does not serve as a member of the School Improvement Team, he or she may attend meetings of the team to discuss possible changes in any area of instruction to improve Bunkie High School.


Do I have to transfer my child to another school? 

No. We are providing families with this opportunity as an option. The decision is entirely up to you, so you should base your decision on what you think is best for your child. If you choose to have your child remain at Bunkie High School as registered, all you have to do is make sure he or she attends the school on the first day of class. If you do choose to transfer your child to the new school, he or she must remain there for the full school year.

To which schools may my child transfer?

Under the School Choice Program, students at Bunkie High School may choose to attend the following school:

Avoyelles High School (Grades 7-12)       2010-11 School Performance Score: 78.3


           287 Main Street     Moreauville, LA   71355






If you choose to have your child attend this school, please select your choice, with your first choice on the enclosed choice form. This school did make AYP and have higher School Improvement Scores than Bunkie High. In the event Avoyelles High School does not make AYP, your child will be given a choice to attend a high performaning school in a neighboring parish. The 2010-2011 School Performance Score for Bunkie High was 62.7. The 2011-2012 average State Performance Score is 98.0.


Is my child guaranteed a place in an accepting school?


Every effort will be made to give parents their first choice if requesting a transfer. However, it is possible that your child may not be granted enrollment in your first school of choice. Students will be granted enrollment in the schools above based upon enrollment limits, individual achievement scores, and income levels as prescribed by NCLB.


Will my child be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities in the new school?

Your child will be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities at the new school as per Louisiana High School Athletic Association guidelines.


How will my child get to a receiving school?

If your transfer application is approved, your child will have free transportation to the receiving school. If your child will be attending one of the choice schools then your child will ride the bus to Bunkie High where another bus will transport your child to the Choice school.  



What is the deadline for applying?

If you decide you want to send your child to one of the receiving schools, the enclosed Choice Request Form must be returned to the Avoyelles Parish School Board Office or the school of choice no later than Wednesday, July 25, 2012 (at least 14 days). If we do not receive the Choice Request Form from you by Wednesday, July 25, 2012, your child will remain enrolled at Bunkie High School.


When will you tell me if my transfer application is approved?

Parents will receive an official notification informing them their transfer application is approved within 14 days.   Students may start attending the choice schools on Monday, August 13, 2012, or as soon as official notification is received by parents.  Transfers will be handled as soon as possible.

What if I choose to have my child continue to attend Bunkie High School?

You would continue to send your child to Bunkie High School as registered.

Important Facts to Know:

¨       Transportation will be provided by the Avoyelles Parish School Board and bus information will be available by August 6, 2012. Students participating in the Choice Program will catch their normal/regular assigned bus to Bunkie High. Another bus will be at Bunkie High and will transport students from Bunkie High to their choice school. Transportation will not be available until August 13, 2012.



¨       A choice transfer is valid with transportation while Bunkie High is considered a “school in need of improvement.” When Bunkie High is no longer considered a “school in need of improvement,” your child may continue to attend the chosen school of choice until he/she completes the highest grade the school has to offer. However, bus transportation is not provided.




If you have any more questions about the School Choice Program, you may contact:




Avoyelles Parish Federal Programs

221 Tunica Drive West

Marksville, Louisiana 71351

Contact: Thelma J. Prater

Phone: 318-240-0205






Dwayne Lemoine



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